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We are a group of expert probability analyses specialized on games. And its been already some couple of years we have been using these simple techniques to easily win money in different online games of luck. We are every casino operator worst nightmare.

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Why is it possible to win easily money by using this technique in online casinos?

Here are some reasons why our method should allow you to win:

  • - No one can see what you are doing behind your screen.
  • - You can take as much time as you desire to decide your next move.
  • - You can play with very small amounts (real casinos impose much higher bets)

In most online casinos you can play for free, which will allow you to try out methods about how to make money online before you play for real money.


Choose one or more casinos among our selection so you can play roulette for free.

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Our selected casinos work very well for this method.

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There are two ways you can play. It’s either « DEMO » mode just for fun (where you cannot touch the amount you won) or the « Real » mode and play for real money. If you want to play for real money, it’s recommended to place at least a minimum deposit of 60€.

We ADVISE to start the games with an inclusive amount between 60 and 80 Euros. You don’t have to place our recommended sum, if you can deposit more than 100€ it twill be even easier for you.

You got to have a calculated margin for errors at the beginning and 120€ is the best amount to start with. The cost will be debited from your credit card at the end of the month, just like if you have bought something in a store. Once you played with REAL money, you can cash it out (the profit) at anytime.



Enter your password and you are good to go ! Now there is nothing else left but for you to PLAY and test our method in the demo mode. You will see that you are able to multiply your invested money within some minute!

RECOMMANDATION :to try out the efficiency of our method we recommend playing the demo mode first before playing for real money. Thus you can play with virtual money and learn perfectly the method about how to make money online.

You will end up being ready to play with real money.

Recommended casinos

These casinos are the most used for that method of how to make money online.
It lands some excellent results and so fare nobody has been flagged for practicing the method on those casinos.

Which technique should I use to win money?

It is obvious that in the game of hazard, luck is very important and plays a big role but you should know that the game has some relevant mathematical operations as well. And this is what we are focusing on.

The method for making money online at {[website]} is a technique applied to the game of ROULETTE traditionally European and we consign you to evidence its efficiency by yourself on the best known hazard game in the world. Even if you are not an expert of the game, our method is simple. You have got to bet on the chance, which means on the color of roulette, (red and black).

In these simple bet of two variable (red and black), you can boost up your gains very fast.

It’s a very simple technique but unbelievable efficient. The basic of this operation consist the simple bet of placing the double amount we just lost in roulette on red or black! (*)

(*) Don’t forget to practice these techniques first in demo mode (free), before playing with real money.

Follow these steps and you will understand the method perfectly:

We will start by placing 1€ on red (only one euro), if black comes out, we place an additional 2€ on red (the double of what we have lost). If black comes out again, we place now 4€ (once again the double of the amount we lost) an additional time on red until you win the bet (until the color we are betting on comes out. Here its : red).

IMPORTANT:once we have won with one color, we restart by placing1€ (only 1€) on the other color until we win, and so on.


And in a couple of minute you will notice that your stack has multiplied.


1. If you bet on one color AND THAT COLOR COMES OUT, you got to bet 1€ on THE OTHER COLOR.

2. If you bet on one color and THE OTHER COLOR comes out, you have got to double that amount and bet on the same color until that color comes out. Once that color comes out place 1€ on the other color and restart the entire procedure.

IMPORTANT: If 0 (zero) comes out you must continue the game. It means that if you were doubling on red because the color red was coming out, you have to consider the 0 (zero) as if it was the color you started the game with. In this case, continue to double red. Here is another example: If you are winning, means you are placing bets in a series of red, black, red, black like the Hawks method teaches, you got to consider the 0 like the opposite color of the bet you have just placed. Therefore, if your last bet was black, you can consider the 0 as a black. Double the amount of money you placed on that color to move on with the game.

We recommend you to start with the bet of 1€. You can reach after a little while 100€ of gains and after that you can start with the 5€ bets. Once you reach the 250€ level, we recommend you to start making 20€ bets. And if have reached the 500€ of gains, there is NO NEED TO COGITATE ANYMORE.

Its the moment where you shouldn’t lose control. If you have reached an amount close to or exact 500€, you have to find way where your placed bets and your gains have a balance so you will not be suspected. You have got to understand that for the casino it might seem strange that a person who started with a 50€ bet rapidly wins 500€.

Therefore we suggest you to bet approximately 20% of the gains you have obtained. In this case the income and outcome value will have equilibrium and you won’t raise suspicion.

You could have a look at another casino we have recommended on top

Some recommendations

Like we alerted you at the beginning, we advise you not to use this technique at real casinos, at the non-virtual ones, because you are taking the risk of getting banned and prosecuted. In some States of the United State it is considered as a crime and can end up with a jail detention.

If you are able to win 500€ at one day, it is recommended to stop using this method for the next 24 hours, because a lot of online casino can back track gambler who use tricks and techniques and can block their account. If they block your account you can’t play on that casino anymore but they will pay you the money you have made until than.

It is recommended to apply this method at several casinos at the same time, to avoid being put on the blacklist of the online casino

If you have fallowed precisely our recommendations and our methods and right now you are playing with real money and have already won. Don’t thank us…In present try it yourself…And return on this site and make a donation.

We offer you this technique so you can try it out yourself on the casinos we have commanded.

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